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Reseller Wholesale
VoIP Numbers (DIDs) & Termination (Minutes)
We offer DIDs, Toll Free and fax numbers from USA, Canada and 60+ countries!
We have global coverage with quality routes.

A-Z International
Our prices are as much as 50% less than other international providers. conexiant offers International DIDs , International Toll Free DIDs and International Fax Numbers* from more than 60 countries. We make it easy to do business around the world.

NPA-NXX (USA & Canada)
We offer local numbers and toll free numbers for NPA-NXX (USA & Canada). Our DID prices aren't always the lowest, but you'll get top quality. We add great customer service and a managed “always-on™” redundant voice-quality network.

We know what resellers and wholesale customers need. We provide superior customer service unmatched in the industry, and we've built a managed “always-on™” network. Our large volumes to Tier 1 providers gives us preferred pricing, and allows us to pass the savings on to you.

We offer USA DIDs in more than 9,000 rate centers - starting as low as $.25 cents MRC in select Tier 0 areas. Choose from 100,000 instantly provisionable DIDs & Toll-Free 8xx numbers.

Always-on global network
conexiant is able to offer the lowest latency termination in the industry. With POPs across the globe including Denver, LA, Hong Kong and Frankfurt, We are able to provide geo-redundant VoIP termination on our “always-on” network. We support both G.711, G.722, G.729 and T.38.

Any DID can be enabled as a T.38, or you can order an inbound-only fax number from any country using i-Fax-it.
See Termination Rate Decks See Origination Prices
We provide emergency E911 services. Side note: Our leadership team includes the original founders of Dash911, the first E911 provider for individual VoIP providers.

Our E911 service includes 'MultiAlerts' to provide the highest safety. Real-time alerts by text, email, call recording; listen to live calls. Easy intergration!

  • Complete PSAP coverage inside the USA.

  • MultiAlerts for increased safety & profit
      MultiAlerts converts E911 from a commodity to a unique product differentiator

  • Increase ARPU & double your profits on E911

  • Complete safety and compliance

  • From the original founders of Dash911

  • Add and manage addresses from right inside the conexiant portal!

Price $0.75 a number
Wholesale $0.55.

Alerts Price (priced separately) $0.95 a number
Wholesale $0.65

E911 is available for DIDs from any provider (Minimum 200 DIDs).
Directory Listings, CNAM & LNP Number Porting
We offer additional popular services including Directory Listings, LIDB, CNAM, LNP number porting, and other valuable services you and your customers need.

conexiant has a dedicated and expert team to assist you with any services requests.


NRC MRC per Minute
411 Directory Assistance 0.65
Directory Listings $10 $1
CNAM - inbound $8 $1
CNAM - outbound $5 $1
Professional Tech Support
Our skilled tech support team is always-on & ready to help you get up & running and
stay running smoothly.

Whether by email, phone, live chat, support tickets or in-depth screen-sharing sessions - our team is dedicated to helping your business succeed and to take full advantage of conexiant products & services.
PBX Cloud Servers
We’re voice experts and we’ve made the investment in creating ‘carrier-grade’ server clusters that never fail. So your PBX is always-on.

We’ll set up a dedicated PBX virtual machine in the cloud and install Open Source PBX server software that you can manage on your own. Choose from Elastix, FreePBX or BlueBox.
Select from the capacity size that is just right.

Price as low as $69.00
Customers are responsible for doing their own backups.
We recommend customers backup with a service that supports BMR.
Dedicated VMs on our Cloud Cluster
Specifically designed, hosted and connected for voice and VoIP applications.
These dedicated VMs are fast and come with redundant backup and storage.

Price as low as $59.00
Customers are responsible for doing their own backups.
We recommend customers backup with a service that supports BMR.
Dedicated Server Hosting
conexiant offers “carrier-grade” high-performance dedicated servers. These dual quad core Intel servers are dedicated only to you and not shared by others. Located in the same datacenter as our own core equipment for top quality, low-latency connections.

Order Servers Now Must be a Reseller or a Wholesale partner.

Price as low as $159.00
Customers are responsible for doing their own backups.
We recommend customers backup with a service that supports BMR.
Server Colocation
Our 1U price includes: 1 amp of power, cooling, and emergency backup power (battery + diesel generator).

We might not have the lowest prices but for voice applications, we have the best facilities. Your servers will be in a secure datacenter with 24 x 7 technical staff and connected to Level3 and other top-quality on-net providers for lowest latency.

It’s the perfect colocation solution for any voice-related servers.

Price as low as $125.00
Customers are responsible for doing their own backups.
We recommend customers backup with a service that supports BMR.
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